The 3 Best Tripods for 2024


When it comes to capturing stable, shake-free footage and images, having a reliable tripod is essential. As we move into 2024, advancements in materials, connectivity, and portability make tripods more versatile and travel-friendly than ever. After extensive research comparing features, specifications, and real-world performance, we narrowed down the 3 best tripods to meet diverse needs in 2024.

Here's an exciting glimpse into the 3 best tripods for 2024:



Max Height

Min Height

Folded Length

Head Type

Quick Release

Load Capacity

Leg Sections

Leg Angles

Other Features

Ulanzi TT09 VideoGo

Carbon Fiber

3.31 lbs

142 cm

14 cm

45 cm

Ball head


20 kg



Leveling system

Removable center column

Ulanzi Zero F38

Carbon Fiber

2.4 lbs

159 cm

15.3 cm

42.5 cm

Ball head

F38 compatible

18 kg



Lever lock legsFast setup/breakdown1/4" center column for low angle shots

Ulanzi Zero Y

Carbon Fiber

2.4 lbs

156 cm

15.3 cm

42.3 cm

Ball head

Arca-Swiss compatible

18 kg



Lever lock legs

Fast setup/breakdown1/4" center column for low angle shots

Ulanzi TT09 VideoGo Carbon Fiber Travel Video Tripod

The Ulanzi TT09 VideoGo tripod stands out for its unbeatable blend of stability, features, and portability, making it our top overall pick.

Ulanzi TT09 VideoGo tripod

Key Features of Ulanzi TT09

  • Constructed with premium carbon fiber for exceptional sturdiness at just 3.31 lbs
  • Quick mounting system allows fast setup and breakdown in seconds
  • 360° panning ball head for fluid, versatile shooting angles
  • Integrated leveling system enables precise adjustments
  • Maximum height of 55.91" (with center column) suits full-height shooting
  • Folds down to a compact 17.7" length for easy transport

With robust carbon fiber legs with 5 sections, fast lever locks, and rubberized feet, the TT09 delivers rock-solid stability across varied terrain. Whether shooting landscapes, selfies, or action footage, the quality shows.

The Arca-Swiss, F38, and CLAW quick release options ensure seamless mounting and switching between cameras. For on-the – fly adjustments, the ball head allows fast 360° panning plus – 50° to +60° tilt range.

From full extension down to a compact 14 cm minimum height, the TT09's 5-angle leg adjustments adapt to use, while the removable center column boosts versatility. Overall, it strikes the ideal balance of sturdy support, silky-smooth head motion, and packable size.

Ulanzi TT09's Sturdy Performance in Real-World Use

In extensive hands-on testing with the Ulanzi TT09 across rugged outdoor environments, it proves to be an invaluable companion and outperforms expectations for a travel tripod.

The smart, quick lever lock release mechanisms make setup fast and frustration-free – simply flick the clamps on each leg segment to extend and lock at desired heights in mere seconds. Combined with the sturdy carbon fiber construction, the TT09 provides remarkable stability for its scant 3.31 lb carry weight.

During dynamic action shooting on hikes and in urban areas alike, we capture impressively shake-free footage with both mirrorless cameras and smartphone gimbals while panning fast-moving subjects. The flexible 5-section legs and rubber feet ensure a steady base across surfaces ranging from jagged concrete to loose dirt trails.

The smooth 360° ball head excels in transitioning between horizontal and vertical compositions to capture wide scenery and portrait perspectives with fluidity unmatched by basic pan heads. The universal mounting plate and multiple quick release systems also make sharing one TT09 tripod between different camera bodies seamless.

Especially for frequent travelers and mobile content creators aiming to squeeze maximal performance from compact kits, the TT09's pro-tier stability in such a lightweight and compact chassis is a game-changing advantage over traditional travel tripods. By packing robustness rivaling full-sized options into a highly portable frame, the TT09 solves several pain points that have long plagued shooters needing agile, professional-grade support.

Ulanzi Zero F38 Lightweight Carbon Fiber Quick Release Travel Tripod

For those who focus purely on maximizing portability without sacrificing too much stability, the Ulanzi Zero F38 carbon fiber tripod packs impressive performance into a frame weighing just 2.4 lbs.

Ulanzi Zero F38 carbon fiber tripod

Key Features of the Ulanzi Zero F38

  • Ultra-lightweight 2.4 lb carbon fiber build
  • Integrated ball head with F38 quick release plate
  • Unique 1/4" center column for low/inverted shooting
  • 5-section legs with 20°/55°/75° angle settings
  • 5cm folded length for exceptional compactness

With versatile quick transitions between traditional upright and low-angle shooting, the Zero F38 mimics the capabilities of full-size tripods despite its ultralight form. The built-in ball head couples with the quick release mounting plate for swift camera attachment and orientation changes.

The five leg segments have flick locks that allow fast 20° to 75° angle adjustments accommodating varied shooting heights from 14 cm minimum to 159 cm maximum. Topping it off, the entire unit packs down to a mere 42.5 cm length for stash-and – go portability.

For travel-focused creators needing to squeeze every ounce of performance from barebones kits, the smart design and reliability of the Zero F38 render it a trusty sidekick.

Ulanzi Zero F38's Outstanding Mobility & Shooting Flexibility

Despite packing down to a mere 42.5 cm (16.7 inches) when folded, the Zero F38's carbon fiber legs and quick lever lock mechanics provide remarkable stability, belying its ultra-compact size. Combined with the integrated Arca-Swiss ball head and quick release plate, it handles camera mounting and repositioning with smooth precision.

Zero F38 tripod

During on-location testing for run-and – gun shooting, the Zero F38 proves an invaluable asset for mobile creators needing to swiftly adapt compositions in suboptimal positions. Whether framing timelapse sunrise sequences perched on rocky clifftops or capturing racing cyclists from awkward gravel shoulder angles, the F38's flexible multi-angle leg adjustments and invertible center column shine.

The ability to drop the center of gravity lower with the inverted central column allows framing unique worm-eye perspectives from as little as 14 cm above the ground. This grants photographers and videographers creative flexibility similar to what full-sized professional tripods offer.

Yet despite granting immense shooting versatility, the Zero F38 collapses to pack neatly into any camera bag or even a large jacket pocket. So, for content creators needing pro-tier composition control within an ultra-portable package, this cleverly designed tripod delivers operational agility way above its size and weight class.

Ulanzi Zero Y Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

Rounding out our top 3 is Ulanzi's Zero Y tripod, sporting an innovative Hemisphere Head and folding light design tailor-made for mobility.

Ulanzi zero Y tripod

Key Features of the Ulanzi Zero Y

  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss quick release plates
  • Unique folding design for the fastest setup and takedown
  • Lever lock legs with fast 20° to 75° angle settings
  • 153mm minimum height to 156cm max height
  • Ultra-lightweight 1.1Kg carbon fiber build

With its CNC machined ball head, the Zero Y sets itself apart for buttery smooth 360° panning unrivaled by block-style heads. This makes transitioning between focal lengths and reframing subjects frustration-free.

The legs feature a clever locking design, allowing them to be deployed in seconds while avoiding the tedious flipping of levers. Then, the fast angle adjustments deliver the versatility to shoot low, on uneven surfaces, or at full upright height.

Topping it off, the Zero Y achieves all of this camera control and stability at a featherlight 1.1 kg packed into an impressively small folded size. This high-performance combination cements it among the most portable tripods available.

Ulanzi Zero Y: Smooth Maneuverability in a Featherlight Frame

After extensive on-location testing from bustling city streets to lush national parks, the Zero Y proves an invaluable asset for shooters needing pro-tier dynamic camera motions in a featherlight and hyper-mobile package.

The CNC machined hemisphere ball head is a standout, providing extraordinarily fluid 360° panning completely free of clunky friction points that hamper more basic pan heads. This makes reframing subjects on the fly an absolute joy rather than an exercise in patience.

Combined with the rapid lever lock leg deployment mechanism, run-and – gun filming sequences have never been easier with a travel tripod. Simply flick the levers outwards while holding the central hub to force the 5 leg sections to snap into place within seconds. Then fine-tune the 3 angle settings to account for uneven terrain as needed.

At just 1.1Kg the carbon fiber Zero Y frame is barely noticeable on the shoulder. Yet despite its scant heft, the solid construction and stability rival or even exceed far bulkier travel tripods. This grants shooters a level of spontaneous flexibility typically exclusive to handheld rigs without sacrificing sturdiness.

So, for anyone longing for the fluid maneuverability of pro-grade video tripod heads but without the burdensome weight, the Zero Y's unique folding design strikes a winning balance of power, performance, and unfettered portability.

The Bottom Line

So, whether you need unmatched stability for big camera kits or nimble mobility for compact mirrorless rigs, one of these three exceptional tripods is primed to fulfill your shooting needs as we are marching toward 2024.

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