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U-Credits can be redeemed for a variety of coupons and products
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Ulanzi Membership Program is a way for us to express gratitude to our customers and show appreciation for their loyalty. By joining the Ulanzi Membership Program, our customers can enjoy exclusive member prices and earn U-Credits on ulanzi.com (excluding but not limited to other third-party or retail platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart) for redemption of rewards.
Joining the Ulanzi Membership Program grants access to exclusive member prices with 5% OFF on every purchase. Additionally, each purchase earns U-Credits, which can be redeemed for various coupons and products. Referring friends to join the Ulanzi Membership Program also earns rewards. Exclusive member activities are periodically organized for Ulanzi members.
Anyone over the age of 13 in the EU or over the age of 14 in the US (or the age required by local law) can join the program.
If you already have an account on Ulanzi.com, you are already registered. Simply log in to your account. If you don't have an account, register for a Ulanzi membership account to start enjoying benefits and earning rewards.
No, the rewards program is free to join.
(1)The upgraded membership plan offers an additional exclusive 5% OFF discount for members. Upon joining, members can enjoy a 5% OFF discount on every purchase. (2) The upgraded membership plan no longer features different membership tiers; all members are now unified as Ulanzi members. (3)The process of earning and redeeming U-Credits remains the same as the previous membership Program.
If you previously joined the membership program, you already have an account on Ulanzi.com. Simply log in to your account. Your U-Credits balance remains unchanged and you can enjoy the exclusive 5% OFF shopping discount.
The upgraded membership plan no longer distinguishes between different membership tiers. All users who join are unified as members and enjoy a 5% OFF shopping discount.
Yes, you can enjoy a 5% OFF discount on every purchase. However, since the 5% OFF discount, except for the new subscriber discount, cannot be stacked with other coupons, the system will automatically select the most favorable discount when multiple coupons are used.
The 5% OFF shopping discount for members can be stacked with coupons obtained from the first subscription and can be combined with direct price reductions. However, it cannot be combined with coupons redeemed using points, coupons obtained from reviews, or other discounts that are not direct price reductions and not from the first subscription.
You can earn U-Credits in the following ways: -Registering for an account (one-time reward) -Completing your profile (one-time reward for initial completion of rhame, phone number, and date of birth) -Purchasing qualifying products Leave review -Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
No, U-Credits earned through the loyalty program have no cash value and cannot be transferred to others.
No, U-Credits earned on different accounts cannot be combined or aggregated for any reason.
After logging into your account, click on our "Redeem Now" button to visit our redemption page. Select coupons or products and click on "Redeem."
For each friend you invite to join the membership, both the inviter and invitee will receive the following reward: 12% discount coupon. Subsequent rewards for referring friends to join will be upgraded to a 10% cash back reward. Stay tuned for updates.
Please email service@ulanzi.com for customer service assistance.