Have you always wondered about how that distinct light ring appears reflecting on the eyeballs of professional models? Do you require a proper lighting setup to shoot those makeup tutorials or TikTok videos? Without spending much on these lighting accessories, now the following light options can be your best companions in shoots –

streaming lights


VIJIM CL05 Lighting

With intimate circular shape and soft non-glaring light to soothe your eyesight, this light ring can be attached to the computer back effortlessly. Being space-efficient and with sturdy buildup, it has adjustable front and rear angle up to 270-degree.  

VIJIM CL06 Lighting

There are three color variants for the beauty supplementary lighting and the circular design will help you lighten up a large area without glaring. With an extension cable, you can use it with computers, tablets, laptops, iPads etc.

VIJIM CL08 Lighting

With white, soft light (white + yellow) and warm lights the color temperature can be selected from 3000K to 5200K and 7000K using three gears. The 850 mAh battery has backup for 1.5 to 5 hours and the rectangular light with extension also has a diffuser to avoid glaring.  

VIJIM K3 Desk LED Light Kit

With American and European plug variants, the K3 desk light kit has extendable LED panel so that you can use it for live streaming, be it for selling videos, tutorials and video conferences. From 3200K to 5600K color temperature adjustment and rotatable angle design make it a versatile accessory.

VIJIM K5 Desktop LED Video Light

Use it in varied temperature ranging from -10 degree to 50 degree Celsius and with light angle adjustable up to 120 degrees. There are three cold modes and brightness levels to select and the warm color with 54 beads has temperature range of 3200 to 6500K.

VIJIM K6 Multifunctional Live Streaming Light

The 12 watt live broadcast light with 33 white and 33 yellow colored beads will glow at color temperature ranging between 2500K and 6800K. At 120-degree lighting angle, it will work from 0-degree to 40-degree Centigrade with cold, natural and warm light modes and ten brightness levels.


VIJIM K7 Desktop Live Broadcast Fill Light

Compatible with variegated scenarios, the K7 fill light has 360-degree illumination range with universal adjustment of ballhead. The height of the stand is adjustable and it is designed to dissipate heat from all around. There are three adjustable color and brightness.

VIJIM K9 RGB Ring Light + Tripod Stand

Use it for live sales to conferences, live games to portrait photography and vlogging, this ring light and tripod set ensures smooth illumination. You can adjust the ball head freely in 360-degree, choose three beauty supplementary and seven scene colors.

VIJIM K11 Video Conference Ring Light Kit

Choose the color temperature from 3000K to 8000K with three lighting modes –warm, soft and white lights. Lightweight and space-saving, this kit is foldable at up to 180-degree and height is adjustable at three stages.

Ulanzi U200 Ring Light Video Rig

There are four adjustable easy-switch light-emitting surfaces for various scenes and dimming range of 20% to 100% while the bicolor light temperature can be adjusted from 2500K to 8500K. 

Ulanzi S1 Sunset Live Projection Lamp           

With three brightness levels to choose your sunset mood perfectly, the S1 Live projection lamp comes with high-transmittance optical lens made of tempered glass that is sturdy and resistant to high temperature.

Ulanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set

It has extendable arm with adjustable height and a phone holder that is rotatable up to 360-degrees. There are three lighting modes and eleven brightness levels and knobs to select timing, temperature and increase or decrease brightness.

To meet your requirements, Ulanzi has the range of streaming lights suitable for vlogging, social media live streaming, shooting YouTube and TikTok videos. Choose your accessory accordingly.  

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