Empower Videography
Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Ulanzi Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop photography and videography solution provider. The company now has two subbrands - Ulanzi and FALCAM. Our products cover a wide range of photography and videography accessories, including tripods, lighting, microphones, quick release systems. We've always tried to deliver the best quality products with a user-centric approach. So far, we've designed 3400+ products that have won over 400 patents. Our products have been sold to over 8 million users in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. Among our users, there are vloggers, filmmakers, and professionals who give us high praise. All of these encourage us to keep going on the journey of helping creators to make video content beyond imagination.
Our mission is to make as many contributions to human development while ensuring the happiness of every employee and family.
Our vision is to embrace integrity, approach every task with passion, and strive for daily improvement.
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At Ulanzi, our product design philosophy is anchored in a dedication to siplicity,functionality, and innovation. We consistently strive to craft products that are not only funtional but also playful combining innovation with ease of use. Recognizing the significanceof aesthetics, our designs prioritize not just functionality but also feature a sleek and modern style,perfeectly aligned with the dynamic and creative spirit of our users. Ulanzi's unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each product undergoes rigorous testing, guaranteeing reliability and durability. We aito enrich the content creation landscape by empowering creators to narrate their storieswith passion, precision, and creativity.