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One of the biggest reasons for having people review our products is for us to get a real, unbiased opinion that helps us make improvements to our existing products, whether it concerns quality, materials, or design. Furthermore, we want to keep making high-quality, alternative tech and your reviews help us get seen by a wider audience.

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Whether you’re reviewing the newest tech on YouTube, or writing a successful tech blog, join us as a reviewer. We welcome all kinds of partnership:

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Q: What products can I review?

A: You can choose any product on our www.ulanzi.com for review. We'll send you some or all products you applied for according to your audience type and channel's performance.

Q: Can I get paid for product review?

A: You may get paid based on your channel's performance. More importantly, you can earn up to 12% commission rate from sales generated from your affiliate link. Learn more about our Affiliate Program.

When will I receive the products after the request is confirmed?

A: Typically, we offer 1-2 free products per review. It may take about 10-15 days for shipment.

Q: Do you have any specific deadlines for reviews?

A: Yes, generally we request that a review should be released within 14 days of receiving. However, this can be adjusted if necessary.

Q: Can I get a quick summary of the products features and highlights of what makes our products better than those of our competitors?

A: Yes, please visit our website  www.ulanzi.com for more information about our products. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us at marketing@ulanzi.com or service@ulanzi.com.