Buying Guide | F38 The Best Quick Release System You Can Get in 2022

Sturdy. Fast. Arca Swiss compatible. It is the best quick release system that you can get in 2022.
After its first release in 2020, the F38 Quick Release System has sold over 50,000 pieces worldwide. Photographers and video creators just love F38. The F38 Quick Release System is an effective and simple solution to make a photographer’s camera immediately available, and always ready to get the shot.
"The photo says it all."---by Joseph C.


What is F38 Quick Release System?

At its simplest, the F38 Quick Release System basic kit is two metal plates that are held together. One is the top plate (F38 Quick Release Plate) that attaches to the bottom of your camera. The other (F38 Quick Release Base) attaches to a tripod, monopod, ball head, or slider, and it holds the first plate in place.



  • Base Dimensions: 50*38*13mm
  • Plate Dimensions: 38*38*8mm
  • Materials: CNC-machined aluminum, black anodized finish
  • Base Weight: 37.8g
  • Plate Weight: 16.6g
  • Total Weight: 54g
  • Strength Rating Over 80kg

How to use it?

Mounted on Tripod Head
This is the most common location where photographers use the F38 Quick Release System. The plate screws into the base of a camera in the normal way, and the base screws into the tripod head. Then slide the plate into the base via quick-action locking mechanism, and turn the knob on the side to secure the camera.
This means that you only have to go through the relatively slow process of attaching the camera once, and after that you can clip it to the tripod head and remove it much more quickly. You can leave the quick release plate on the camera all the time, regardless of whether you’re shooting handheld or on a tripod, and just remove it at the end of the day.
Shoulder Strap Mounted
This is an excellent location because most photographers use a camera bag already to keep their gear with them. With the F38 Quick Release Shoulder Strap Clamp attached to a shoulder strap, it creates an in-between place to store one’s camera – not stashed away in the bag, nor in one’s hands. Instead, it’s right on one’s chest ready to go. Here, the weight is also nicely distributed onto a strap that is meant for load bearing.
Lanyard Mounted
In this case, you’re fastening the F38 Quick Release Camera Strap Clamp on your camera lanyard. An interesting design aspect of the F38 is that the standard camera plate (unlike many Arca Swiss style plates) is completely square and therefore symmetrical. It can slide into the plate in any direction, so whether you want your camera pointed up, down, or sideways, you can do so easily.

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