Ulanzi's Vlogging Tripods Designed for CREATORS!!!


Are you tired of those shaky videos taken at the peak moments of vlogging? Do you find it hard to hold your Smartphone or camera at proper angle or at perfect height while shooting? If the answers to the above questions are positive then a sturdy and adjustable tripod can be your best bet.

Ulanzi understands your requirement and budget and therefore, has come up with an array of industry-standard tripods to treat you right. Vlogging tripods can come handy both at indoors and outdoors, no matter how crowded the space is or how bad the weather is. Here are your options –

MT-16 Extendable Tripod is intuitive, lightweight and compatible with both mobile and camera. It comes with a 1.4 threaded cold shoe, selfie stick and ergonomic handgrip. 


MT-08 Extendable Handheld Tripod with ¼ interface has a portable design with light weight. Its 2-in-1 tripod and handle design lets you use it however you wish and its detailed buckle with silica handle ensures anti-falling properties.


MT-11 Octopus Tripod can support mobile, tablet, camera, DSLR, speakers and lights weighing 2kg effortlessly. You can shoot in three modes namely wrap, grip and stand.  


MT-31 Magnetic Quick Release Tripod is easy to carry with a portable foldable design and it can stretch in four heights i.e. 14cm, 18cm, 22cm and 26.2cm as per your need. The magnetic installation is firm.


U-Vlog Lite Extendable Tripod can be your easy-to-use portable vlogging tripod from Ulanzi with its detachable ballhead. There is cold shoe to attach the LED light and microphone. This setup is suitable for SLR, DSLR and Smartphone.


MT-43 Reverse Close Metal Tripod has a sturdy buildup to bear upto 2.5 kilograms with a stable support by full metal body. You can easily carry it with one hand as i9t weighs only 364 grams and its height can be extended upto 205mm.


MT-34 Multi-functional Extendable Tripod has a 2-in-1 hidden phone clamp and wheel design for simplistic use. Unlimited application is possible with the 6-stage extension upto 81.5cm, 360-degree ballhead adjustment and flexible handling.




MT-36 Falcam Quick Release Octopus Tripod can be easily split and used separately for action camera, digital camera, phone, tables and DSLRs. The dual opening on sides will support both vertical and horizontal shots.


MT-19 Octopus Tripod has universal 360-degree adjustable ballhead for shooting at different angles. Weighing only 203 grams, it takes minimal space and can easily be carried. The flexible anti-corrosive rubber body has anti-drop properties.


Mt-17 Mini Tabletop Tripod is one of the lightest vlogging tripods with 360-degree detachable and adjustable ballhead that is connected with a 1.4 screw. Made of aluminum and ABS, it can hold 1.5kilograms and has rotatable adjustable feet.


MT-24 Camera Vlog Set can carry upto 2.5kilograms and ensures one-handed control. The metal tripod is extendable in two stages.


MT-33 Octopus Tripod has integrated hidden mobile holder and can be expanded for storage. The ballhead is 360-degree rotatable offering both horizontal and vertical shooting. It will not break even after bending, thanks to the highly elastic and rigid rubber.


Hummingbird Quick Disassembly Tripod can be extended from 6 inches to 10.88 inches in 3 stages effortlessly while shooting vertical or horizontal video. Its ballhead is 360-degree adjustable.


MT-44 Extendable Vlog Tripod in black and white variants can be used for selfies, live broadcasts and group photos. It has four-stage adjustable height.


MT-30 Bluetooth Remote Extendable Tripod with Bluetooth remote can be operated even when you are not holding it. it has removable cold shoe and three-stage adjustable and retractable design.

Choosing your best tripod among these can be a tough choice, so just follow your requirement and budget –you are all set.


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