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Teleprompter for Video: A Great Tool for Your Filming Needs!

by Ulanzi Team 08 Sep 2023 0 Comments

A Teleprompter for Video, also known as a teleprompter, is a specialized device designed for displaying the content of a script on a high-brightness screen. It then reflects this displayed content onto a specially coated glass positioned at a 45-degree angle in front of the camera lens. This unique setup enables the speaker or presenter to read the script while maintaining direct eye contact with the camera, ensuring a seamless connection with the audience and significantly elevating the overall quality of the presentation.

Teleprompter for Video

One of the key advantages of a Teleprompter for Video is its ability to create an alignment of the speaker, the teleprompter, and the camera, all along the same axis. This alignment results in a sense of intimacy for the audience, as the speaker always appears to be facing them directly. This, in turn, enhances the overall quality of the presentation.

Teleprompter for Video

Another notable feature of the Ulanzi RT02 Teleprompter for Video is its portability and compact design. Unlike traditional teleprompters used in studios and recording environments, which are often large and require heavy metal cases for storage, the RT02 is designed to be as compact as a book.  Its foldable design makes it incredibly convenient to store and transport.

Teleprompter for Video

The Teleprompter for Video is a versatile tool suitable for use with various devices, including smartphones, cameras, and laptops, creating an all-in-one solution for video recording and broadcasting. Moreover, it incorporates personalized expansion features for added convenience, including a cold shoe mount and a 1/4-inch threaded hole, enabling users to effortlessly attach external accessories like lights, microphones, desktop stands, and tripods. This versatility and user-friendly design make the RT02 Teleprompter an ideal choice for all your video recording needs.

Teleprompter for Video

Moreover, this Teleprompter for Video combines the smartphone holder with a tablet, breaking free from the limitation of using only smartphones for prompting. It utilizes a dedicated teleprompter app (compatible with teleprompter apps such as QY and BestView) to project the script onto the screen. The result is a large display area that allows every user to comfortably experience large-font prompting.

Teleprompter for Video

The quick-detach design enables rapid switching between smartphones and tablets, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both prompting and recording.

Teleprompter for Video

When using a smartphone as the teleprompter's display device, it achieves even clearer reflected content through high-quality coated beam-splitting glass. The script from the Ulanzi teleprompter app is accurately reflected onto the glass, allowing the subject being filmed to view the script within the app. The high light transmittance imaging ensures that no script text appears in the camera's frame, significantly enhancing shooting efficiency.

The Teleprompter for Video employs lens adapter rings to standardize the front-end diameter of various lenses. It features an interface card slot at the back, allowing for the attachment and secure placement of the lens adapter ring. This integration enables smooth and effective script prompting. The package includes five different-sized lens adapter rings to accommodate a range of lens mounts.

This teleprompter supports lenses with a diameter of 82mm or smaller, making it compatible with a wide range of camera models. The provided lens adapter rings cover various sizes, including 58mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm, ensuring versatility and functionality with most mainstream lenses available in the market.

Teleprompter for Video

Furthermore, the Teleprompter for Video extends its support to 35mm full-frame ultra-wide-angle focal lengths, effectively addressing the previous limitation of being unable to use wide-angle lenses with teleprompters. This enhancement allows recordings to feature a full-frame 35mm focal length perspective.

Teleprompter for Video

The Ulanzi Teleprompter for Video is compatible with popular teleprompter apps like QY and BestView, among others. Within the dedicated teleprompter app, users have the flexibility to adjust the scrolling speed of the script, customize font styles, select background colors, modify font sizes, and freely edit the content of the script.

Teleprompter for Video

In situations where the distance between the user and the camera changes, the Teleprompter for Video provides a solution through a Bluetooth remote control. This control enables users to easily adjust the font size remotely, ensuring adaptability and ease of use.

Notably, the Teleprompter for Video offers compatibility with large-screen devices beyond smartphones, significantly expanding the prompting display area. This improvement serves to boost user efficiency during shoots while also saving time and costs.

The Teleprompter for Video's versatility extends to a wide range of scenarios, including recording interview-style programs, online teaching sessions, hosting commentary recordings, producing self-media content, and conducting live broadcasts in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Teleprompter for Video

With dimensions of 18.8 cm (width) x 17.8 cm (length) x 10.3 cm (height) and a weight of 910 grams, the Teleprompter for Video accommodates smartphones with widths ranging from 55 mm to 80 mm and tablets with widths from 110 mm to 152.4 mm.

Teleprompter for Video

The Teleprompter for Video's exceptional practicality makes it suitable for a variety of applications and seamlessly integrates with other Ulanzi products to create a comprehensive video recording system.

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