How to Have Fun With the Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine?


The Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine offers an innovative approach to creating mesmerizing atmospheres for various events. Its portability and diverse features make it an indispensable tool for photographers, party planners, and event organizers. This article explores how to maximize the fun and utility of the Ulanzi FM01, ensuring every occasion becomes a memorable spectacle.

How to Have Fun With the Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine?

Unboxing the Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine

Upon unboxing the Ulanzi FM01, you're greeted with a compact, handheld device, exuding a sense of practicality and elegance. The setup is straightforward: charge the device using the Type-C port, fill the atomizing chamber with the provided fog juice, and you're ready to go. The remote control, also compact and user-friendly, syncs seamlessly with the fog machine.

Unboxing the Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine

The Ulanzi FM01 is not your average fog machine. Its 36 fog effects offer varying intensities and speeds, making it versatile for different settings. The shape of the smoke can be altered using attachments such as the Straight Tube for accelerated output or the Curve Tube for directional spray. The remote control enhances the convenience, allowing you to shape the smoke from up to 10 meters away.

Below is the detailed information about the Ulanzi FM01 Fog Machine:




Handheld, portable design with a sleek look. Includes a carrying bag for easy travel.

Fog Intensity & Speed

36 different fog effects at various intensities and speeds.

Smoke Shaping Attachments

Includes attachments like Straight Tube, Curve Tube, Sponge Filter, and Flex Hose for diverse effects.

Remote Control

Controls the fog machine from up to 10 meters away for convenient operation.


Swappable 18650 3.6V 2500mAh batteries with Type-C charging. Up to 30 minutes of continuous operation.

Safety Features

Temperature control for overheating prevention. Uses vegetable glycerin for safe, odor-free fog.


Versatile for photography, outdoor events, parties, stage effects, and more.


58.11mm x 57.73mm x 163.50mm, making it compact and easy to handle.


Weighs 366.5g, enhancing its portability.

Max Power

Operates at a maximum of 40W for efficient fog production.

Mounting Option

Comes with a 1/4" screw mounting slot for flexible adjustment on stands.

Want to Have Fun with Ulanzi FM01? Let's find out together:

Innovative Play Ideas With the Fog Machine

Have Fun With the Ulanzi FM01 Portable Fog Machine

Creative Uses in Photography With the Fog Machine

Photography is not just about capturing moments; it's about creating a mood, a story. The Ulanzi FM01 steps in here as a creative partner. For portrait photography, it adds layers of depth and emotion. Imagine a photoshoot in an old library, where the fog gently rolls in between bookshelves, creating a mysterious, almost ethereal setting. Or consider a wedding shoot where the FM01 adds a dreamlike quality, enveloping the couple in a soft, romantic haze.

Landscape photographers can harness the Ulanzi FM01 to transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary ones. A forest path becomes an enchanted trail with wisps of fog. A cityscape shot, usually stark and rigid, gains a new dimension with a gentle foggy overlay, softening the urban edges and bringing a moody ambiance.

The control you have with the Ulanzi FM01's varied fog effects and speeds means you can tailor the ambiance to match your creative vision. The remote control is a boon, especially when you're working solo. It allows you to adjust the fog intensity and duration without moving away from your camera, ensuring you never miss that perfect shot.

Creative Uses in Photography With the Fog Machine

Elevate Events and Parties With the Fog Machine

The Ulanzi FM01 enhances indoor events and select outdoor spaces with atmospheric fog effects. Perfect for themed parties and intimate gatherings, it excels in controlled environments. While its impact in open outdoor areas varies, in smaller, enclosed outdoor settings, it adds a unique, captivating touch.

At forest picnics, the Ulanzi FM01 can be used to create a whimsical, fairytale setting. The fog weaving through the trees adds a touch of magic, making the ordinary seem extraordinary. It's not just about the visual appeal; the fog also creates a sense of mystery and anticipation, enhancing the overall experience for guests.

The versatility of the Ulanzi FM01 means it can adapt to any theme or mood. From a subtle, romantic mist at a wedding reception to a vibrant, energetic cloud at a dance party, the Ulanzi FM01 adds a layer of excitement and wonder.

Revolutionize Stage Effects With the Fog Machine

In stage performances, the Ulanzi FM01 is more than a tool; it's a part of the narrative. It can create an ambiance that resonates with the theme of the performance. A dance recital under a foggy moonlight effect, for instance, can elevate the entire experience, both for the performers and the audience.

For theatrical productions, the Ulanzi FM01 can be used to signify different elements: fog creeping in to signal a change in scene or a dramatic moment, or to represent weather within the narrative. Its ease of use allows for quick changes and dynamic movements, keeping up with the fast pace of stage performances.

The handheld design is particularly beneficial for interactive performances. It allows performers or stagehands to seamlessly integrate fog effects into the performance, moving with the actors and the story. This level of control and flexibility opens up new possibilities in stagecraft, making the Ulanzi FM01 an invaluable asset in any performer's toolkit.

Portable Fog Machine

Create a Mystical Atmosphere for Collectibles

The Ulanzi FM01 introduces a new dimension to displaying collectibles at home. Imagine having action figures, model vehicles, or fantasy statues. Now, add a swirling mist around them, instantly transforming your shelf or display case into a dynamic scene straight out of a movie or comic book. The fog wraps around each figure, highlighting intricate details and casting dramatic shadows, making your collectibles come alive.

For instance, envision a miniature cityscape with model cars and buildings. With the Ulanzi FM01, you can simulate a foggy, early morning in a bustling metropolis, adding a layer of realism and intrigue. Or, consider a collection of superhero figurines. The fog machine can create a scene of a dramatic battle, with heroes emerging from the mist, ready for action. The adjustable fog intensity means you can have just a hint of mist or a dense cloud, depending on the scene you want to create.

Have Fun With the Fog Machine

Create Cinematic Scenes With Children

The Ulanzi FM01 is not just a tool for adults; it's a gateway to imaginative play for kids. A father can use the Ulanzi FM01 to create movie-like scenes, turning playtime into an extraordinary adventure. Take a simple setup of toy cars and a small puddle of water on the ground. Add the Ulanzi FM01's fog, and suddenly, you have a miniature high-speed chase scene in the rain, straight out of an action movie.

This activity is not only fun but also a fantastic way to bond and foster creativity. Children can learn about storytelling and visual effects in a hands-on way. Imagine setting up a scene from a child's favorite story or movie, using toys and the fog machine to recreate pivotal moments. The fog adds a layer of realism and excitement, making the story come alive in your living room.

For example, you could create a scene of a mysterious island with dinosaurs lurking in the mist, using dinosaur toys. Or a magical fairy tale setting in an enchanted forest with the fog mimicking a magical mist. The possibilities are endless, limited only by imagination.

These activities also offer educational value, teaching children about the basics of photography and filmmaking. They can learn how different atmospheres and effects can change the tone and mood of a scene. It's a fun, interactive way to explore the arts while spending quality time together.

The Bottom Line

Now, it's your turn to take the plunge into a world where every event is an opportunity for an unforgettable experience. Embrace the power of the Ulanzi FM01 to create mesmerizing environments, set the mood, and elevate your creative projects. Don't just host events; transform them into magical, memorable moments.

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