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Ulanzi January's Lucky Draw Winner List Is Coming

by Ulanzi Team 17 Jan 2022 0 Comments


Ulanzi's January Lucky Draw has ended for those who shopped at in January, and this time we drew 10 lucky winners!

Winner List:

1. Stefan V

2. Brian C

3. Stine M

4. Alexandra L

5. Dan M

6. Luis T

7. Steven M

8. Louis A

9. Robert N

10. Alexander K

We will contact winners by email and send out the prize within 3 business days when the winners send us shipping address.

Thank you for your support of ulanzi!

Please stay tuned to, there will be more Lucky Draw coming up and we hope you will be the lucky winner.

By the way, the theme of the next drawing is: Show your 2021 highlight! 

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