Ulanzi MT-33 Octopus Tripod with Cold Shoe

Two-in-one mobile phone holder design, high elastic rubber, arbitrary deformation
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Ulanzi MT-33 Octopus Tripod with Cold Shoe - ULANZI

Ulanzi MT-33 Octopus Tripod with Cold Shoe


Ulanzi MT-33 Octopus Tripod with Cold Shoe



  • Two-in-one Phone Holder Design,Integrated concealed mobile phone holder design, expand into a universal mobile phone holder for storage
  • Support Horizontal and Vertical Shooting,360 degree universal ball head, can adjust various angles for shooting
  • Rich Expansion,Side and top cold shoe mount and 1/4'' screw hole
  • Not Easy to Break After Repeated Bending,High elastic rubber, both rigid and flexible
  • Arbitrary deformation, durable and changeable,Adapt to different environmental needs


  • Material: ABS+TPR
  • Storage height: 320mm
  • Expanded height: 300mm
  • Weight: 321g
  • Loading weight: 2KG
  • Clamping distance: 60-85mm

How tall is it?
With ball-head attached it is slightly more than 12" The ball-head can be removed for packing and the legs are 9 1/2
Is it possible to replace the MT-33 ballhead with another one ?
Yes. I've done it with mine. The legs come with a 1/4 inch screw. It's not very long though and keep in mind this is a super light tripod so don't expect it to be able to handle a very heavy head + gear
After bending & wrapping the legs around something, is it difficult to make the legs perfectly straight again for level table-top use?
It is easy to straighten the legs back out. It doesn't wrap terribly tightly around things unless you bend it really hard, which feels like it will get broken at some point from that. Overall, it works wel and if it can get leverage on one leg against the others, it does hold position better.