Ulanzi L2 Cute Lite Waterproof LED Light

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Ulanzi L2 Cute Lite Waterproof LED Light

  • IP68 waterproof | small body | more expansion
  • Waterproof charging port, overcoming the problem of water entering the charging port
  • Different kinds of accessories, inspire unlimited creative possibilities
  1. Silicone diffuser: fill light is softer and more natural
  2. Eight color chips: play with colors and create a colorful atmosphere
  3. Honeycomb diffuser: reduce glare and soft light* also can be used with white color chips that make light more uniform
  4.  Four-page shading plate: the range of light distribution can be adjusted at will
  5. Circular condenser cup: to create a local spotlight effect
  • Great light energy, long battery life
  1. High-brightness COB lamp bead patch design
  2. Four levels of brightness adjustable, battery life up to 240 minutes * Built-in 800mAh high-capacity battery, the most high-end battery life up to 65 minutes, the lowest battery life up to 240 minutes
  • Three major magnetic designs
  1. Magnetic charging: fast adsorption, immediate charging *Charging tips: please charge in the positive and negative direction of the suction
  2. Magnetic fast installation: accessories can be quickly installed on the lamp body through the magnetic design to achieve light effect switching
  3. Magnetic Suspension: Magnetic Suspension on the back, which can be attached to the metal field, various ways to play

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