Ulanzi 1.55XT Anamorphic Movie Lens

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Ulanzi 1.55XT Anamorphic Movie Lens

  • Hollywood Dream Brushed Glare, when encountering strong light, the film lens can shoot the effect of dreamy brushed glare
  • 2.8:1 New Movie Perspective, extend the horizontal field of view by 58% and open up a new 2.8:1 image field of view, allowing mobile phones to realize movie creation
  • 2.8:1 Film Quality Wide Frame.
  • Multi-Layer HD Optical Coating, HD double-sided multi-layer broadband coating, bringing high-definition and transparent film quality
  • Aviation Aluminum Alloy Frame, High-Definition Optical Lens, the aviation aluminum alloy shell is sturdy and durable, the high-definition optical lens brings more vivid video images
  • Filters can be connected for more professional shooting, standard 52mm filter adapter ring


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