Quick-release system for phone! Fast switching between phone shooting, cycling, car mounting and other scenes. Join us for Ulanzi new O-LOCK kits tryout program!
Apply to be testers, and show off your creations!

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How to join the program?

Submit the Application
Fill out the application form below and submit
(Feb 10- Feb 19)

Shortlist Announcement
Ulanzi reviews all applications and announces the shortlisted candidates on this page
(Feb 20- Feb 21)

Product Shipment
Ulanzi sends the product samples to candidates
(Feb 22- Feb 24)

Complete the Tasks
Receive the product, create and share your content as required
(Mar 1- Mar 31)


1. The testers need to create and share content about the O-LOCK kit on at least one social media platform (FB, YouTube, IG, TikTok) within 15-20 days after receiving the product.

 a. At least make one video for this product ( no less than 30 seconds).
 b. Create one post with pictures of this product (to share where you use it).
 c. Tag @ulanzi_official (on FB and IG), @ulanzi (on TikTok and YouTube) and use hashtag #Olock on social media.

2. Nice content will be reposted by Ulanzi Official and get 1000 points on Ulanzi website as extra reward.

3. If the participants cannot complete the tasks above during the tryout period, Ulanzi has the right to recall the product sample or you need to pay for this product on Ulanzi website.

4. The participants need to send their pictures/videos to Ulanzi, and authorize Ulanzi with the use of all contents collected, including but not limited to editing, marketing, distribution, and secondary use.

 *All Rights Reserved Ulanzi