Ulanzi Membership

Free Shipping
Exclusive Free Shipping Fee Vouchers for Ulanzi Members
Exclusive Extra Discount
Exclusive discount on all products for Ulanzi members
Birthday Gift
Each Ulanzi member will get a special gift on their birthday
Ulanzi ltems
Ulanzi members can redeem specified products
Enjoy bucks the moment you join and earn your rewards.
Step 1
Create An Account
Receive a 500 Ulanzi Bucks Reward When You Create an Account
Step 2
Earn Ulanzi Bucks
Get Ulanzi Bucks with Every Purchase
Step 3
Get Rewards
Use Ulanzi Bucks to Unlock Exclusive Discounts
Every US$1 Spent = 1 Buck
Place Order
100 Bucks
Complete Profile
50 Bucks
Facebook Share
100 Bucks
Like us on Facebook
100 Bucks
Follow on Instagram
Every US$1 Referred = 1 Buck
Refer A Friend
300 Bucks
Leave Review
500 Bucks
Create Account
50 Bucks
Punch Card
200 Bucks
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The More You Spent, The Faster You'll Earn!
Legend Member
SPENT≥ $1999 3 10000 Ulanzi Bucks Bonus
Master Membe
SPENT≥ $999 2 7000 Ulanzi Bucks Bonus
Pro Member
SPENT≥ $499 1.5 4000 Ulanzi Bucks Bonus
Enthusiast Member
SPENT≥ $100 1.2 2000 Ulanzi Bucks Bonus
Explorer Member
SPENT≥ $1 1 500 Ulanzi Bucks Bonus
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Ulanzi Bucks Rewards loyalty program is a program that allows customers to earn Ulanzi Bucks on Ulanzi.com (excluding third-party retailers like Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, etc.) that can be redeemed for rewards and member benefits as a thank-you for their loyalty.
If you already have an account on Ulanzi.com, you are already enrolled. Simply log in to your account. Register for an Ulanzi Bucks Membership account to start earning rewards if you don't have an account.
Note: To earn Ulanzi Bucks Membership, you must be registered for the Ulanzi Bucks Membership Rewards Program.
No, the rewards program is free to join.
No, rewards, benefits, and Ulanzi Bucks earned through the Ulanzi VIP program have no cash value and cannot be transferred to others.
No, Ulanzi Bucks earned on different accounts cannot be combined or aggregated for any reason.
Ulanzi Bucks can be earned on Ulanzi.com. To earn Ulanzi Bucks, you must be logged in to your Ulanzi account at the time of purchase or engage in other eligible actions that qualify for rewards.
Your Ulanzi Bucks will be credited to your account 3 days after the payment of your order is successful.
If you have questions about your membership account, please contact Ulanzi Customer Service at service@ulanzi.com.
Unfortunately, nothing can last forever. Your Ulanzi Bucks will expire after 12 months from the day your Ulanzi Bucks were earned. Plenty of time to save up for your favorite!
No, it is not possible to earn Ulanzi Bucks for previous transactions. The Ulanzi Bucks Rewards Program is applicable only to purchases made after its launch.
You can earn Ulanzi Bucks in the following ways:
-Registering for an account (one-time reward)
-Completing your profile (one-time reward for initial completion of name, phone number, and date of birth)
-Purchasing qualifying products Leave review
-Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
The following expenses are not considered qualifying for Ulanzi Bucks:
1. Taxes, charged by the states government law.
2. Shipment cost, charged by express/logistic companies.
Punching card is an exclusive earning method for customers who has already spent more than $100 on ulanzi.com, they get to earn extra 50 Ulanzi Bucks everyday with just a click.
If you return a product or cancel an order, the Ulanzi Bucks earned from that purchase will be reversed or decreased. Ulanzi Bucks will also be deducted for partial refunds due to price adjustments.
For every dollar you spend on eligible products, you will receive 1 Ulanzi Buck. You can start redeeming your rewards when you have 499 Ulanzi Bucks.
At this time, you are limited to redeeming one reward per order.
Yes! You earn Ulanzi Bucks on everything you purchase, so if you’re redeeming a reward and purchasing more Ulanzi products in addition to that, you will still earn 1 Ulanzi Buck for every dollar you spend.
Customers can only use one coupon at checkout, private coupon can’t be applied along with the public code for one purchase.