Co-design with Ulanzi

Tell us your idea. Turn your idea into product. Get paid.

What's Co-design

The Co-Design Program is intended to spark ideas among our users-you, videographers. The best product ideas come from users. 

How it works 


Write lines of words, take a photo or draw a sketch of an existing product, or of a new product.


Email your idea to us at

or post it in our Facebook group.

What you will get

Silver idea

(Ideas be documented )



(Awarded every month. No limit on quantity.)

Golden idea

(Ideas turned into a product )



 (Awarded every quarter. No limit on quanlity.)

Get some inspirations


The ST-09 Phone Tripod Mount is designed an enthusiastic Apple fan. This mount turns Apple Watch into a viewfinder. It solves a problem that many vloggers who rely on their iPhone for all of their production needs run into: using the back camera to film yourself.


The Claw Quick Release system is designed by a videographer who need several devices at the same time to capture scences. With a plate and several bases, video graphyers can swiftly transfer their devices in shooting scenarios.

Sumbit your ideas now

  • Write an email to
  • Join our Facebook group, and publish a post.