Ulanzi Zero F38 Tripod Review: Build With Carbon Fiber


Friends who like outdoor travel and need a lightweight tripod. Today, I will bring you a lightweight carbon fiber tripod launched by Ulanzi. At first, hearing the name Ulanzi Zero F38, it feels strange to use it on a tripod, but after a period of experience and use by myself, this tripod is just like its name, and it goes out with Zero F38. The weight and size are almost zero burdens. Let’s talk about this Ulanzi Zero F38 Tripod


Even the basic configuration of the Ulanzi Zero F38 does not require absolutely any additional devices or accessories to work.

You have it, and you can use it. The set includes an instruction manual, a collection of special foot caps for working in various conditions, and a transport bag.

First Look

You’ll love the Ulanzi Zero F38 as soon as you take it out of the box. The fact is that Ulanzi made a flagship tripod by modern standards from carbon fiber instead of metal.

This improves durability, weather resistance, and scratch resistance while reducing the tripod’s weight.


The Ulanzi Zero F38 is lighter and weighs only 1100 grams. Don’t underestimate the extra grams. If you are hiking, you can save some grams and bring more other things. After all, it is a traveling tripod.

Although Ulanzi Zero F38 is a lightweight tripod, its load-bearing capacity is still very strong. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the gimbal is 5kg, and the entire tripod can carry a maximum weight of 18kg. This load-bearing capacity is still very enough for outdoor shooting.

In terms of height, the maximum unfolding height of Ulanzi Zero F38 is 1.56 meters, the minimum shooting height is 15cm, and the storage height is 42cm.

After the tripod is stored, it can be easily stored in the bag. This height range can meet all our needs for shooting outside.

How Long it goes

The maximum height of the Ulanzi Zero F38 is 1567 mm, with three legs of 5 sections with a thickness of 12 to 25.5 mm. Height without raised center section – 1320 mm. Its height is one of the great features of the tripod.

Panoramic Head

The ballhead, which can rotate 360°, makes it more convenient for photographers to take panoramic photos.

This ball head is not compatible with arca swiss, it is ulanzi F38 quick release ball head. Of course, you can replace it with the free center column and install an arca ball head.

Its ball head features a non-slip function that prevents the camera from falling when the quick release plate is released, which is a very intentional design.
In addition to the ball head also comes with a level, when you have a reference standard when leveling.

Since its quick release plate is the specification of F38 series, it means that its quick release plate is compatible with other products of F38 series, such as F38 Quick Release Backpack Strap Clip, F38 Quick Release System For Shoulder Straps, which can save a lot of time when you have these items.

The head clamp is relatively reliable but is made in the form of a knurled handle, unlike the lever clamp for fixing the hinge itself.

I also note the 1/4 inch thread on one side and the triangular locking lever for the center section on the other. There is also a fluid level on the head itself.

180 Degrees

The main part of our review can lower to an incredible height of 153 mm. But what can we do for the center part, which is 240mm long?

A hook at the middle section can hang the tripod upside down. But it unscrews. And at the other end, Ulanzi Zero F38 has a hexagon. What to do with it? Rotate the hinged head down 180 degrees, thereby freeing access to a special opening.

Then insert the unscrewed hexagon into the hole to the end and unscrew most of the middle part. This reduces the maximum theoretical height of the Ulanzi F38 to 1320 mm, but the minimum is almost floor level.

If you need to put the device directly on the floor, you can always get the middle part and move it upside down.

Travel Use

Ulanzi Zero F38 is great. Lighter, stronger, more versatile, and easier to transport and store than any other tripod. Using lightweight cameras, even the panoramic head can easily handle the load and scroll smoothly and effortlessly. However, we installed a Canon EOS 200D on it with a Canon 50mm F1.8 light-weight lens, that’s it. The panoramic scrolling is perfect.

The Ulanzi Zero F38 specifications say that it will withstand a load of 18 kg for the center section and up to 3 kilograms of the articulated head. 


Comparisons are often made between the F38 Travel Tripod and the Peak design tripod. Let's compare the differences between the two tripods.

F38 Travel Tripod Peak Design Tripod
Weight 1.1kg  1.56kg
Total heigh 1556mm 1517mm
Weight capacity 6kg 9kg
Spike feet set Free $29.95
Panoramic Head Yes No
Price $369.95 $649.95



The tip of the iceberg that hit me. This is a professional carbon fiber tripod at a mid-range smartphone price. It’s more compact than professional tripods, more versatile, lasts longer, comes fully equipped, and isn’t without a few very interesting tricks.

Ulanzi Zero F38 is a travel tripod for photo and hybrid cameras. Is it worth $369? Even compared to other competitors – yes, it’s worth buying. It is light, flexible, versatile, well thought out, and modifiable. You can buy it on the official Ulanzi website for just $369.95.



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