Ulanzi Falcam F22 Quick Release System


If you're a filmmaker or photographer, you're never too happy with the large number of different heavy accessories you need to carry around. You're even more frustrated when you need to screw these accessories up and down when switching modes and accessories, such as handheld, tripod, stabilizer, or slide rail. And also you are always not at ease with the quick-release parts and feel that they are wobbly and not stable enough. Now you can rely on Ulanzi Falcam F22 Quick Release System to put this outdated way of doing things behind you.

The F22 Quick Release System offers a true quick-release experience that we know is so essential for professional filmmakers&photographers. By adopting a “mortise-tenon joint”, which is a combination of concave-convex structures, we designed the F22 Quick Release System to be extremely flexible and stable once it is installed. While it has a high load capacity, this is actually a light and easy-to-carry accessory. 

In a nutshell, with the Falcam 22 Quick Release System you don't need to waste time screwing and unscrewing the camera on and off the tripod, or be delayed by cumbersome and impractical accessories. With Falcam 22, you're always ready to shoot!

The Cage will quickly become the heart of your camera, making attaching other devices a truly seamless experience. The F22 Cage top features quick-mount positions that allow you to attach the top handle, monitor mount, or left or right handles on the cage. Both sides are designed with F22/F38 expansion positions respectively to improve runtime and save on unnecessary components. 

And, the quick release plate at the bottom meets both F22 & F38 & F50 standards for rich extension possibilities. The F22 & F38 & F50 Cage adopts a Monet gray anodizing process and different curve line combinations which make the overall texture and design style of the Cage as smooth and convenient as they could ever be.

Also, Our F22 quick release kit has a wide range of applications. It brings you convenience that you can also install our F22 accessories with an ordinary cage, only need to mount an F22 quick-release plate, even if you don’t have our EOS R5/R6 or Sony A7 camera cages. This makes mount and release of other camera accessories quicker and easier, bringing you a relaxing shooting experience.

Screwing and unscrewing camera accessories is a thing of the past. The F22 Quick Release System offers you a super quick switch experience in various shooting scenes in one single click. You can simply release and set up between your camera, monitor, tripod, monopod, stabilizer, and slider quickly, in a simple operation of slide-in and slide-out, instead of lengthy and cumbersome screwing. 

With simple "SLIDE-IN" and "SLIDE-OUT" operations, you can seamlessly mount and release in the fastest and most efficient way as part of an unparalleled optimized user experience that any photographer could ever aspire to enjoy.

Unlike conventional quick mount structures, the Falcam F22 Quick Release Kit is designed with a special “mortise-and-tenon joint” quick release structure. Its wedge pin is firmly embedded in the groove of the quick-release plate, which is not easy to fall off. In fact, the more it is used, the tighter it is in a vibrating environment. 

In other words, you can enjoy its quick release and setup capabilities knowing that it can withstand an incredible pressure of 1500N, and that its torsional strength can reach 15N*m, which is makes it absolutely safe, stable and secure for any serious filmmaker or photographer who needs the best equipment for the best results.

The Falcam F22 Quick Release System also leads in its field being a one-of-a-kind QR system by applying Micarta material to photographic handles. Compared with wooden handles, Micarta doesn’t crack, it is mildew-proof, and it’s an inherently non-slip material—even if you’re sweating, your equipment won’t simply slide off your hands.

Besides, F22’s Micarta handle is low/high temperature resistant and UV resistant. Unlike traditional silicone or rubber sleeves, F22’s handles will not swell up or become oily or sticky in any circumstance. It provides an outstanding grip feeling and shooting experience, making you feel comfortable while undertaking long-time handheld shooting sessions.

The Ulanzi Falcam F22 Quick Release System stands for more than a set of accessories. We created an actual patented ecosystem with a wide range of easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate accessories that will improve run time and the filmmaker’s & photographer's user experience due to enhanced ergonomics. 

The F22 QR System has various quick release extension ports, allowing a variety of camera accessories to be expanded. The whole range of accessories covers the essential and advanced equipment needs of any filmmakers and photographers, including: a universal adapter kit, a camera cage, a quick release monitor mount kit, a quick release pan head kit, a ball head, a side handle, a top handle, and other quick release accessories commonly used among them. 

With the F22 QR System, with a simple "press" and "push" operation, you can quickly mount and release, enjoying much greater efficiency and shooting enthusiasm, exploring various scenes and multi-angle shooting, which greatly improves your photo shooting efficiency.

We designed the Falcam F22 Quick Release System to be compatible with an extremely wide range of cameras and devices available on the market, namely those that professional filmmakers & photographers use. If you have a Canon, Sony, Nikon, FUJIFILM, Blackmagic or other mirrorless camera, or if you want to use it with your Action Camera such as GoPro, you can be sure that F22 is the perfect sidekick for the job.

Featuring a universal 1/4" thread mount, you can easily connect F22 QR System with your tripod, monopod, ball head, monitor, microphone, fill light, battery, and signal receiver, among other devices. With the F22 QR System, switching accessories becomes far faster than using traditional quick-release plates. 

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