Review | Ulanzi LC 150B Bi-Color Video Light


With a color temperature range of 2700-6500K, the Ulanzi 150W Point-Source Light is a strong contender to be among the best portable bi-color video lights of the year. Still life shooting, video recording, live fill light – You name it, and this light can do it.  

Photographers and videographers already have too much on their plates. From modeling the best studio to creating a perfect composition, their creative gears are always turning. And it results in an absolute mess if necessary equipment cannot deliver results, even more so when it comes to lighting gear.

Well, we have a solution for you. Let us take care of your video light, and we will let you focus on the creative process. If the offer sounds good, let’s take a look at what Ulanzi LC 150B Bi-Color Video Light.


If you ask us what makes this light so unique? We would tell you there are a lot of things, but one thing that we are genuinely proud of is our Chip on Board (COB) design. See – the difference between our light source and others is that our chip assists in accurate color rendering, giving you excellent color fidelity and improving skin tones. (If you decide to upgrade your work with this light, let us know if you like the improved colors.)  

Moreover, here are a few numbers for the hardcore lighting gear aficionados among you. The Ulanzi 150W is rigorously tested to provide a 95+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) and 96+ TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). Therefore, it goes without saying that the colors will always be accurate whether you are filming for TV or casually capturing a product image.

Sleek Design

Now that you know what’s under the hood, let’s shift our focus to design. Apart from the performance, one thing that counts towards the usability of lighting gear is its design. A fragile body will not do in high-intensity creative works. Therefore, as we said, let us take care of this side. This light comes under the protection of tempered glass that can withstand high-performance light and heat intensity.  

While we are on the topic of heat, the internal components are housed in a full aluminum alloy. Unlike other lights, which depreciate in quality over the period of a single shoot, the Ulanzi 150W maintains color temperatures and accuracy due to efficient cooling.

Power and Control

The new Ulanzi 150W requires a standard AC100-240V adapter to power it up, which comes included in the kit. And it will utilize 220W to provide you the max color temperature and illumination. Although you can dial the temperature down to decrease the power consumption. Coming to the dials, this all-in-one light offers you two options for controlling it.

Firstly, you get the traditional knobs and a display for the onboard controls. Here’s the best part: it offers you 0-100% smooth step-less dimming and has 11 different lighting effects. It can accurately mimic lighting, fireworks, flashing, a TV screen, and much more.  

Secondly, it can be controlled via a 2.4G wireless remote. Take it from us, it will make your workflow easier without you even stepping near it to adjust the lighting.  

Noise Reduction Capability

Here’s the thing. The purpose of lighting gear is to take care of your lighting. But once the light reaches a certain temperature, the built-in fan powers up. And, as is the case with most other lights, the noise from this fan can interfere with video recording. Luckily, the Ulanzi light offers intelligent noise reduction owing to the ‘mute’ fan, which intelligently adjusts speed according to the light’s power consumption. Here’s a little comparison. Your breathing makes a sound of 10dB. And this fan stays at 30dB. Do you know what kind of sound that is? The quiet kind.

Pressing a button on the onboard controls can make your fan mute. Just press ‘FAN,’ and high noise reduction will kick in.  

Bowens Adapter

Thanks to the aluminum alloy and high-performance plastic rear cover, the light is as portable and lightweight as possible. And this compact form allows us to easily use a standard Bowens mount. This, in turn, allows the light to be compatible with a wide range of light-control accessories. Whichever light modifier you use, such as softboxes or projection accessories, the Bowens mount will take care of these needs. Moreover, attaching the mount is incredibly simple and does not take up your precious time.  


Last but not least, we always take extra care to ensure that our patrons always get equipment that is ready to go. We pride ourselves on our innovative products and our relationship with our customers. Taking this a step ahead, we have ensured that the light will be ready to plug in despite your location. For this purpose, we offer three variants with American, European, and UK plug.

And as an added ease of usage, the power cord is kept 4 meters long so that no matter where you are in the studio, it will always reach there.  

Lights! Camera! Action!

To sum it all up, the Ulanzi 150W Point-Source Light is a beast in a compact hood. And unlike some other hefty lights that break down as soon as the load increases, the intelligent cooling system ensures that it never betrays you. Moreover, controlling the 11 lighting effects and varying color temperatures is a breeze whether you use the knobs or remote control.

The light has been designed to assist you in different scenarios. The extreme color temperature range and high color fidelity allow you to get proper lighting in your projects.

If you are ready to take your streaming or videography to the next level, get your Ulanzi 150W here.

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