Camera Overheating During 4K and 8K Videos? No Problem, Check This Out!


What is a Camera Cooling Fan?

A camera fan is a device specifically designed for use with cameras to regulate the camera's temperature and prevent overheating. When some cameras record videos at 4K-8K FPS for an extended period, the camera may overheat and shut down, significantly impacting the work of videographers.

Why Do You Need a Camera Cooling Fan?

A camera fan is needed to regulate the camera's temperature and prevent overheating. Overheating can lead to various issues, such as increased sensor noise, reduced battery life, and even damage to the camera's electronics. Using a camera fan can extend the camera's operating time, especially during longer recordings or in high-temperature environments. The fan ensures effective cooling of the camera, contributing to maintaining optimal performance and image quality.

Based on user feedback, Canon EOS R5, Sony ZV-E1, A6700, etc., have encountered overheating issues while recording 4K-8K FPS videos. To address the concerns of the majority of users, we have developed an external fan.

What is the Ulanzi Camera Cooling Fan?

Efficient and Stable Full-Range Cooling: High cooling efficiency with optimized cooling path for wide range coverage.

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High Compatibility, Not Limited to a Single Camera Model: Compatible with Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, and more. One fan can be used across multiple devices, reducing the cost of purchasing multiple fans. Compatible models include Sony ZV-E1 / ZV-E10L / a7 IV/ a7S III/ A7C / FX30 / A6700, Canon R8 / R7 / R6 Mark II / R5 / 90D, FUJIFILM XS10 / XT4 / X-H2S / X-S20, and more.

Three Operating Modes: High-speed fan with low noise operation. You can choose different gears depending on the environment: Silent cooling for noiseless operation during recording and to prevent fan noise from being recorded in the video; Rush mode for rapid cooling to cool down the camera as quickly as possible.

Ulanzi Camera Cooling Fan For Sony / Canon / FUJIFILM C072GBB1
Suction Cup Mounting, Convenient Installation: Simply apply the film to the camera, align it, and press to achieve a stable suction that won't deform or detach easily.
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Ulanzi is committed to designing and producing camera accessories to solve user inconveniences when using cameras, providing the best price and quality for our customers.
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