VIJIM CL02 Conference Lighting Kit

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1. Zoom meeting beauty fill light:Online education/Zoom meeting/Live streaming
2. Suitable for Multiple Scenarios:Gently clamp the clamp to the computer to get the desired light source
3. Soft and Not Glaring:Use the professional soft light board,make the light softer and not dazzling.
4. Bi-Color, 3200K-6500K:Stepless Adjustment of Color Temperature.3200K-6500K 3 Light Modes, Meet all your needs
5. 100 Lamp Beads, Stepless Adjustment:Using 100 long-life lamp beads, the brightness can reach 2500LUX, and the brightness and color temperature can be steplessly adjusted
6. Large Capacity Battery, Strong Battery Life:Built-in 2000mAh battery, minimum brightness can last about 10 hours
7. Dedicated screen clip:Designed for the screen, the clamping force has been tested, will not cause damage to the screen, lightly clamp, fast fix(*The clip can adjust from 0 to 8mm)
8. 170°degree adjustable:Can be rotated to adjust the any angle
9. Rich Extension Possibilities:Clip Computer / Clip Tablet / Clip phone

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