UURig R016 L Plate Cold Shoe Mount for Canon G7X Mark III

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Attach a microphone to G7X Mark III, external microphone, increase the hand feeling, do not block the battery compartment. Through the cold shoe mouth of the L-shaped bracket, the microphone and the LED light device can be expanded to solve the problem that the VLOG cannot be connected to the microphone.


  • Solve the problem of G7X Mark III external microphone
  • Increase the hand feeling and solve the small thumb leak
  • The L-shaped bracket increases the height of the camera, solves the problem of the original little finger leaking, and greatly increases the comfort of the hand.
  • Do not block the battery compartment
  • CNC integrated molding, quality assurance
  • Aluminum alloy CNC integrated design, giving you quality assurance


  • L Plate Cold Shoe Mount