OA-8 Original Cage Microphone Bracket for Osmo Action

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Product Highlights:
  • The original cage can be attached to a microphone.
  • The patented cold shoe mount design solves the problem of an external microphone connected with the Osmo Action cage.
  • Heightening design has effectively solved the problem that prevents the microphone windjammer from appearing in the picture.
  • Although the cold shoe mount got an improvement, the original cage could still be opened and closed normally, it does not affect normal use and does not need to be disassembled and assembled frequently. 
  • The patented quick-release clip design can stabilize the DJI microphone adapter, and solve the problem of poor contact loosening of Osmo Action recording.
  • Model: OA-8
  • Dimension: 5.0*4.0*4.0cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Suitable for: Osmo Action