GearTree - Floor-to-Ceiling Stand

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Option: Floor-to-Ceiling Stand(2.1-2.6m)
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GearTree - Floor-to-Ceiling Stand

  • GearTree adopts a new idea of "Support between floor and ceiling", which helps photographers save space and build a powerful work shooting platform when creating even in small indoor spaces.
  • The pole with different Geartree accessories such as Full Motion Swivel Arm, Boom Arm, Triangle Extension Arm, and Basic Extension Grip Arm can allow you to mount additional devices.
  • You can also use Triangle Extension Arm to mount heavy equipment such as professional large fill light.
  • To meet the needs of different scenarios, you can choose GearTree Home Studio Setup or  GearTree Desk Studio Setup.
  • Materials: High-strength Aluminum Alloy.
  • Due to the heavyweight of this product, you will need to pay additional shipping charges, which will be shown on the checkout page.
  • GearTree Installation Tutorial

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