Aluminum Rapid ND Filter Mount Bracket 49/58/67/77/72/77/82mm

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  • [A New Rapid Filter System for ND Filters]: Engage & Disengage the Filter The Moment You need the ND filters.
  • [Available in All Size & Step-Ups]: There are 49mm 58mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm Rapid Filter mount for your choice.
  • [Aluminum Alloy, CNC Made]: Quality Assurance by CNC Process of Aluminum Alloy.
  • [Zero Light Leak]: When the filter is closed, it is not only fast but also light leak-free.
  • [Wide Angle Compatiblity]: Compatible with most prime lens and zoom lens.
  • Wide-angle Lens compatibility
    The RFS will vignette some wide-angle lenses.
        Prime lenses wider than 18MM
        Zoom lenses wider than 30MM
    (These are estimated guidelines as we do not have the resources to test every lens and camera combo)