Ulanzi 120W Bi-color / RGB V-Mount Video Light Bundle

  • 1. 120W LED continuous output video light bundle, 2700 - 6500K Bowens mount photography light, studio light, remote controller for portrait shooting and video recording.
  • 2. 45cm quick release softbox with Bowens mount.
  • 3. 60cm quick release octagonal softbox with Bowens mount.
  • 4. 7" standard Bowens mount reflector diffuser.
$267.75 - $365.75
Model: VL-120Bi Bi-color Light Bundle
Power Adapter: US Plug
Regular price $267.75
Regular price Sale price $267.75
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Regular price $267.75
Regular price Sale price $267.75
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120W Bi-color / RGB V-Mount Video Light

Ulanzi 120W LED Continuous Output Video Light, 2700 - 6500K Bowens Mount Photography Light, 20700lux@1m CRI95+ Studio Light , Remote Controller for Portrait Shooting and Video Recording. Featuring dual power options, use a V-mount battery outdoors for mobility or a DC power adapter indoors for stable power. Control your lighting up to 30m away with the Ulanzi Connect APP, customizing settings like CCT, dimming, FX, and light groups.


45cm Quick Release Softbox with Bowens Mount

The Ulanzi 45cm Universal Bowens Mount Softbox L051GBB1 offers soft and even lighting with a dual diffuser and fabric grid. Compatible with most lights on the market, including GODOX M200D/M300D, Aputure LS 60d/x, LS C120d II, amaran 100 200dx, amaran COB 60d/60x, and Ulanzi 100W/120W/200W models. It features a click-lock design and quick-assemble rods for effortless setup and breakdown. Weighing approximately 700g and folding to 43x18cm, it’s portable and easy to carry with the included storage bag. Ideal for on-the-go shooting.


60cm Quick Release Octagonal Softbox with Bowens Mount

The Ulanzi 60cm Quick Release Octagonal Softbox with Bowens Mount is designed for photographers and videographers seeking a versatile and user-friendly lighting solution. This softbox features an effortless quick-release design for easy setup and breakdown, making it ideal for both studio and on-the-go shooting. Its foldable and portable design ensures it is space-saving and convenient to carry. Weighing 642g for the 60cm version, it is lightweight and manageable. The softbox is compatible with most mainstream studio lights, including Ulanzi's 100W,120W, and 200W Video Lights, thanks to its universal Bowens mount. Made with high-density nylon fabric and a reflective diffuser, it provides soft, even lighting, perfect for creating natural lighting effects. Additionally, it includes a grid for better control over light direction. Enhance your lighting setup with the Ulanzi Quick Release Octagonal Softbox for professional-quality results.


7" Standard Bowens Mount Reflector Diffuser

The Ulanzi HT002 7" Standard Bowens Mount Reflector Diffuser is perfect for a wide range of lights featuring a standard Bowens mount, including Ulanzi 100W, 120W, and 200W lights. Its high-performance reflective silver interior ensures even lighting effects, while the white-painted interior enhances light distribution. Made of lightweight and scratch-resistant aluminum alloy, this reflector is ideal for on-the-go shooting.

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